Our Mission

While most child custody cases should end in appropriate, agreed upon co-parenting arrangements, cases which involve domestic violence, sexual abuse, and physical abuse require courts to consider the protection of victims as their first priority. Custody orders, which work well in ordinary cases, are often disastrous when domestic violence and/or child abuse threaten the protective parent or children.

It is well-documented that family courts throughout the United States place children in the custody of abusive parents simply because protective parents seek protection for themselves and their children. Incompetent or untrained mental health professionals who serve as custody evaluators and misguided guardians ad litem are often responsible for these tragic decisions. Bogus theories such as “parental alienation syndrome” and “Munchausen by proxy syndrome” are often used by abusers and their supporters to discredit real evidence of abuse.

Many family lawyers lack the training and experience necessary to properly handle these cases. These qualifications are important to ensure that only competent and admissible evidence is presented to the court, and to insist that the parents are afforded due process. As dedicated advocates for abused parents and children, we use every available legal remedy and insist that family courts operate as courts of law which comply with all procedural, substantive, and constitutional mandates. We are also dedicated to the full accountability of abusive parents and their professional enablers. Finally, we tirelessly work to reform this broken system nationwide.